Are you a CSGO player searching for CSGO Accounts? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the perfect location. Our team at CSGO Smurf Kart can help you enhance your game with CSGO by providing CSGO Accounts. CSGO Smurf Kart glorifies your all-around experience of counter strike global offensive by presenting excellent quality CSGO Accounts and alternative CSGO Smurfs at the best prices.


In CSGO, your rank is determined by how well you perform. It’s easier to advance up the ranks than it is to fall down them. The top players in CS GO have a rank of Global Elite, which makes up just 0.01% of all gamers!

When you’re playing CSGO against someone with more expertise and superior equipment, it’s difficult. But what if we told you that you could significantly improve your rankings? You may now buy csgo smurf accounts for a reduced price! Even novices can defeat seasoned professionals when they have these smurf accounts.


Gold Nova

With our Gold Nova Ranked Accounts, you can quickly leave silver rank behind and involve in the world of pros. You can now rethink your rank for better matchmaking, thanks to our well-established CS:GO Smurfs. The #1 Place to Buy Gold Nova Prime (CSGO GN Ranked Accounts). Buy CSGO accounts to ensure they can play games uninterruptedly without fearing competitive cooldowns!

Master Guardian

CS:GO MG Ranked Account is CS:GO Smurfs with rank ranging from MG1 to MGE, i.e., Master Guardian to Master Guardian Elite; we at CSGOSmurfKart offers Top-Quality Ranked Prime and non prime csgo Account. CSGO MG ranked accounts are the best smurfs to play against skilled players in counter-strike.

Legendary Eagle

Legendary Eagle rank is the first of the genuinely tip-top positions in CS:GO. Playing at this level requires a high level of talent, great points, excellent game information, an understanding of how best to play. Legendary Eagle is an excellent position that most players of CSGO will never accomplish. Buy LE Ranked Accounts and add them to your smurf account list now!

Global Elite

The Global Elite Prime Accounts is the most elevated and most testing CSGO rank you can succeed. Players with this global elite rank are colossally skilled in every aspect of the game. So Buy Global Elite from CSGOSmurfKart and get moving in the realm of experts.



You can get a cheap CSGO account and start your career in CSGO at a higher level. This opens up a world of possibilities for you in the game. You may select accounts that are at various ranks, have different kinds of skins, or those with the highest success rate. It’s similar to looking for a custom CSGO prime account.

You may create any new accounts you like, and once you finish signing up, you’ll be prompted to make the payment by emailing your account information. It’s 100% safe and secure. After you pay, your Counter-Strike game career will begin and you will advance to a higher level.

A Prime Account is one that has already accumulated a lot of hours of gameplay. It’s the one that has covered a significant amount of activity and broken a long winning streak. So all you have to do now is pay for it, get your preferred account, and begin gaming.

At long last, the conclusion is that purchasing a top CSGO account will save you a lot of time and energy. You’ll also get better-level teammates who are like professional game players, and playing along with them makes the day complete. So all you have to do is spend a few dollars and acquire a CS GO prime account.

Counter strike Global Offensive, also known as csgo, has been around for a long time. For many years, it’s been at the top of the game. The huge number of people who participate every day is truly incredible. Our aim is to provide the finest service in the Counter strike Global Offensive community. The finest place to acquire CSGO smurfs is at the CSGO Smurf Kart. We provide a range of accounts for all ranks, and our items are both low-cost and high-quality. Whether you’re searching for Silver or Gold-ranked gamers, CSGOSmurfKart has an account with your name on it!

Why Buy CSGO Accounts from CSGOSmurfKart




  • Before modifying the details, be sure to double-check that the CSGO Accounts you’re acquiring are accurately ranked.
  • We recommend changing the password and default email address when you first establish a new account. We’re asking you to do this so that if there are any issues with your security in the future, it’s easier for us to help you.
  • Make sure you save your email account and steam details for later use with CSGO Account in a secure location since most games need the user to log into their account using their email address. They will not be able to modify their password on the game’s site if they do not.
  • Please read the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy before making a purchase from our website.


CSGO Prime Account Kaufen is counter strike global offensive accounts with Private rank 21 or Prime Status Upgraded. You can select your dream rank, from silver to the global elite, with a high trust factor. These accounts are primarily used by players who seem to have a secondary account after their main Prime account.

These are cheap csgo Prime accounts if you want to have any alternative csgo smurf account. All you have to do is buy CSGO Prime Accounts Kaufen from our website at the lowest price, log in, and you’re good to go in the world of pros. You can have an excellent experience with these prime accounts and csgo ranked accounts with high trust factors and instant delivery.

If you are a dedicated gamer and prepared to jump right into the intensely competitive game between the prime accounts csgo players, buying a Prime account for sale is your only option. If not, you’ll ruin your life playing CSGO with noobs and hopping from rank-1 to rank-2, and so on until you reach private ranks 21 and become eligible to play in Prime matchmaking.

CSGO Prime Status can be added to an account in two ways:

  • By purchasing the CSGO Prime Accounts from Steam Store.
  • By reaching Profile Level 21 in CSGO.

What Are Csgo Prime Accounts?

Prime Accounts are specialized accounts that are specifically built for Prime Matchmaking. To be eligible for Prime Matchmaking, the minimum Pr21 score is required. To enable the Prime feature, the consumer must validate his or her phone number. According to the Valve Anti-Cheat Policy, go prime matchmaking will “reduce the chance of getting a match with cheaters,” and they’re correct. Cs:GO Prime Account Is 100% Clean And Safely Boosted For Unmatched Gaming Performance.

Benefits of CSGO Prime Accounts

  • High-level Ranking
  • Match With Only Prime Players
  • Exclusive Inventory
  • Access To All Community Operated Servers


These CS:GO Prime Accounts are of various types, to suit your interest. We offer new prime records for players who wish to hit their approach to various positions, and irregular Prime positioned represents the individuals who like to take it up a score, and need to go in a tremendous in-game mode and attempt arbitrary positions!

We also have a range for players who might want to remember their expertise gatherings and improve their game on csgo smurf accounts.

There are two ways to upgrade your CS:GO Account to Prime Status; arrive at Private Rank 21 by acquiring XP or buy the CSGO Prime Status Upgrade in-game or through the Steam Store.

What are CSGO Private rank 21+ accounts?

Private rank 21 + accounts are high private level accounts available that are exclusive and cheapest. These accounts are a perfect option for players searching for a csgo smurf account; these accounts are prime allowed accounts with private ranks 21 and above.

The amount of experience(XP) acquired over some time is shown by the private rank. And prime status helps the user to encounter different features that are more often used and spoken about by csgo nonprime matches, Prime Matchmaking, which reduces the number of csgo hackers in matchmaking.

 The account has a high trust factor and other variables that positively affect your matchmaking process, even with a decent amount of experience.

After this significant update, we made it simple for our clients to purchase CSGO Prime Accounts with Loyalty Badge at the least expensive rates. Our value go begins from just $13.99, and we have all Prime Accounts accessible.

Anyway, CSGO players can likewise redesign their Account to Prime Status at the game’s unique cost: $14.99, which can be bought straightforwardly from Steam Store.

Benefits of CSGO Prime Accounts

CSGO Prime Status is a feature of CSGO for users who have purchased CS:GO or are Private Level 21 or above. Users who have Prime Status receive benefits only available to Prime users.

The Prime Matchmaking System is the new extension by Valve to experiment with the Prime Matchmaking. It was first launched in April 2016 to allow players to play Prime Matchmaking. Players with the CSGO Prime Accounts are likely to experience a less predictable game. Also, the Prime Account does not allow unfair means of play.

To make a Prime Account, two things should be possible: 

  • Purchase Prime CS:GO Account from us less expensive than Steam and every single other dealer. 
  • Keep playing and arrive at private Rank 21, to open Prime matchmaking for nothing. 

Notwithstanding, this doesn’t ensure 100% security from hackers. Individuals use CSGO Prime Accounts for different reasons. Purchase new Prime Status from us today! CSGO Prime account plays a match with other CSGO Prime players, which decreases the odds of programmers.

How to get CSGO Prime Accounts with Loyalty Badge?

After this significant update, we made it simple for our clients to purchase CSGO Prime Accounts with Loyalty Badge at the least expensive rates. Our value go begins from just $13.99, and we have all Prime Accounts accessible.

Anyway, CSGO players can likewise redesign their Account to Prime Status at the game’s unique cost: $14.99, which can be bought straightforwardly from Steam Store.

Here is the list of advantages that you can obtain by buying a CSGO prime account:

  1. You can save your valuable time and energy by only buying your desired csgo rank account from us.
  2. Better matchmaking & gaming experience. Having a good rank and progress will provide you with good matchmaking.
  3. You will have better teammates. So you can avoid all those games with noob players.
  4. You can set yourself free from all those hackers and cheaters that you encounter in the initial stages.
  5. Also, these csgo accounts are cheap and affordable. The little amount of money you are spending on a new prime account is worth all that time and effort you don’t need to waste.

“Great value for money, great and friendly support I purchased global elite accounts with 2020 service medals and I haven’t seen any other site have a better price on a global elite account…They also gave me a %5 discount code because I was short by $1 I highly recommend you chose smurf kart over any other csgo smurf store! 10/10“

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