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Featurs of CSGO Prime Accounts

  • Verified and Trusted
  • Original Email Access
  • No hacks or Third party software used
  • Private Rank 21+
  • High Trust Factor
  • Instant Delivery
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • 100% Feedback
  • Free Life Time Warranty
  • Exclusive Drops For Prime Status Users
  • Wins Ranges from 10-30
  • Global Region Accounts

CSGOSmurfKart offers Affordable CSGO Prime Accounts for Sale

CSGO Prime Account Kaufen is counter strike global offensive accounts with Private rank 21 or Prime Status Upgraded. You can select your dream rank, from silver to the global elite, with a high trust factor. These accounts are primarily used by players who seem to have a secondary account after their main Prime account. These are cheap csgo Prime accounts if you want to have any alternative csgo smurf account. All you have to do is buy CSGO Prime Accounts Kaufen from our website at the lowest price, login, and you’re good to go in the world of pros. You can have an excellent experience with these prime accounts and csgo ranked accounts with high trust factor and instant delivery.

Top Selling CSGO Ranks

Silver Prime Account

From S1 to SEM, Many cs:go account Silver players here don’t have enough sense to use any game strategy, to organize communication in teams, or even to shoot accurately enough. We at CSGOSmurfKart provide steam account access with both Prime and non prime accounts. You need to add the products to the cart and confirm the payment; after payment confirmation, your account will be delivered instantly.

  • Percentage of Players in Silver: 36.3%
  • Position: From 1 to 6 out of 18 csgo Ranks.
  • Also Known As Silver 1, Silver 2, Silver 3, Silver 4, Silver Elite, Silver Elite Master (S1, S2, S3, S4, SE, SEM)

Is Silver Rank Good?

This is an excellent csgo rank for a beginner of the game. Being a Silver rank puts you in the top 63.7% of all CS:GO players. That means, if you were in a room with 100 other players, you’d actually be able to beat 12 of them.


Top Selling CSGO Ranks

Gold Nova Prime Account

From Gn1 to GNM, Gold Nova is the first rank above the Silvers skill group. Players around this rank will be expected to know the necessary skills of CSGO, which include smokes, spray patterns, and callouts.

  • Percentage of Players in Silver: 34.65%
  • Position: From 7 to 10 out of 18 csgo Ranks.
  • Also Known As:  Gold Nova 1, Gold Nova 2, Gold Nova 3, Gold Nova Master (GN1, GN2, GN3, GNM)

Is Gold Nova Rank Good?

Gold Nova Skill group is definitely a good rank for casual/intermediate gamers with some experience with CS:GO. Most players in this rank have over 300+ hours. That means, if you were in a room with 100 other players, you’d be able to beat 58 of them.


Top Selling CSGO Ranks

Master Guardian Prime Account

From MG1 to MGE, Here you have high chances to meet players with excellent knowledge of the game. They can use various tactics and can organize well-coordinated teamwork. These players know smoke positions, maps, and weapons – their in-game skills are pretty good.

  • Percentage of Players in Silver: 19.4%
  • Position: From 11 to 13 out of 18 csgo Ranks.
  • Also Known As:  Master Guardian 1, Master Guardian 2, Master Guardian Elite (MG1, MG2, and MGE)

Is Master Guardian Rank Good?

It’s a great rank to be achieved, and it’s more than 6/10ths of all players! That means, if you were put in a room with 100 other players, you would be able to defeat 80 of them.


Legendary Eagle rank is the first of the genuinely tip-top positions in CS:GO. Playing at this level requires an elevated level of aptitude, great point, excellent game information, comprehension of how best to play, and a profound comprehension of the guides’ entirety. Legendary Eagle is an excellent position that most players of CSGO will never accomplish. If you’ve arrived at CSGO LE Rank in your steam account, you likely have a decent comprehension of the game, play to help your group, and utilize utility in smart ways, such as arranging smokes, pop glimmering, and mollifying players out of areas.

The Global Elite Prime Accounts is the most elevated and most testing CSGO rank you can accomplish. Players with this global elite rank are colossally talented in every aspect of the game. At this position, matchmaking probably won’t be a sufficient test any longer, and it may merit investigating outsider classes like FACEIT and ESEA. “Elite” justifies itself. You can’t beat this!”, So Buy Global Elite from CSGOSmurfKart and get moving in the world of pros.

What are CSGO Private rank 21+ accounts?

Private rank 21 + accounts are high private level accounts available that are exclusive and cheapest. These accounts are a perfect option for players searching for a csgo smurf accounts; these accounts are prime allowed accounts with private ranks 21 and above. The amount of experience(XP) acquired over some time is shown by the private rank. And prime status helps the user to encounter different features that are more often used and spoken about by csgo non prime matches, Prime Matchmaking, which reduces the number of csgo hackers in matchmaking.
 The account has a high trust factor and other variables that positively affect your matchmaking process, even with a decent amount of experience.

How many types of csgo prime accounts available at CSGOSmurfKart?

These Prime Accounts are of various types, to suit your interest. We offer new prime records for players who wish to hit their approach to various positions, and irregular Prime positioned represents the individuals who like to take it up a score, and need to go in a tremendous in-game mode and attempt arbitrary position! We also have a range for players who might want to remember their expertise gatherings and improve their game on csgo smurf accounts.
There are two ways to upgrade your CS:GO Account to Prime Status; arrive at Private Rank 21 by acquiring XP or buy the CSGO Prime Status Upgrade in-game or through the Steam Store.

How to get Prime matchmaking in csgo?

If you are a dedicated gamer and prepared to jump right into the intensely competitive game between the prime accounts csgo players, buying a Prime account for sale is your only option. If not, you’ll ruin your life playing CSGO with noobs and hopping from rank-1 to rank-2, and so on until you reach private ranks 21 and become eligible to play in Prime matchmaking.

CSGO Prime Status can be added to an account in two ways:

  • By purchasing the CSGO Prime Accounts from Steam Store.
  • By reaching Profile Level 21 in CSGO.


Is the CSGO Prime account worth it?

You can buy a prime account if you want to play some competitive matchmaking. The prime accounts will be worth it for this. It will improve your matchmaking, but the essential element is the Trust Factor, and you can’t buy this for the matchmaking system. However, it isn’t relevant if you are a casual game mode player.

What is CS GO Prime Accounts?

CSGO Prime Status is a feature of CSGO for users who have purchased CS:GO or are Private Level 21 or above. Users who have Prime Status receive benefits only available to Prime users.

The Prime Matchmaking System is the new extension by Valve to experiment with the Prime Matchmaking. It was first launched in April 2016 to allow players to play Prime Matchmaking. Players with the CSGO Prime Accounts are likely to experience a less predictable game. Also, the Prime Account does not allow unfair means of play.

CSGO Prime accounts are the extraordinary sort csgo smurf accounts that are exceptionally intended for prime matchmaking. The base PR21 is needed to be qualified for prime matchmaking. CSGO Prime matchmaking brings about less possibility of getting a match with the cheaters and hackers. Prime records are 100% clean and helped securely for unequaled gaming execution. CSGOSmurfKart gives 150+ choice of Prime to all value range to look over.

Any individual who has paid for a record on the counter strike global offensive is qualified for Prime Status. It implies that you will coordinate against others with Prime Accounts offering better quality matches by wiping out bots, miscreants, etc. For a superior comprehension of CSGO ranks, you should likewise visit the Ranking System, Explained. CSGO Prime Accounts are only a superior adaptation of the free CSGO variant. When Valve made free CS:GO Accounts, they welcomed the game a buck heap of cheaters and hackers, not CSGO Prime players, and coordinated with just non-Prime owners(free variant proprietor). 

To make a Prime Account, two things should be possible: 

  • Purchase Prime CS:GO Account from us less expensive than Steam and every single other dealer. 
  • Keep playing and arrive at private Rank 21, to open Prime matchmaking for nothing. 

Notwithstanding, this doesn’t ensure 100% security from hackers. Individuals use CSGO Prime Accounts for different reasons. Purchase new Prime Status from us today! CSGO Prime account plays a match with other CSGO Prime players, which decreases the odds of programmers.

What are the benefits of having a CS:GO Prime accounts?

Prime users are matchmade with and against only other Prime Status users in all game modes. Besides, Prime users are eligible for Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, weapon cases, and access to all Community-operated servers.

Here is the list of advantages that you can obtain by buying a CSGO prime account:

  1. You can save your valuable time and energy by only buying your desired csgo rank account from us.
  2. Better matchmaking & gaming experience. Having a good rank and progress will provide you with good matchmaking.
  3. You will have better teammates. So you can avoid all those games with noob players.
  4. You can set yourselves free from all those hackers and cheaters that you encounter in the initial stages.
  5. Also, these accounts are cheap and affordable. The little amount of money you are spending on a new prime account is worth all that time and effort you don’t need to waste.

How to get CSGO Prime Accounts with Loyalty Badge?

After this significant update, we made it simple for our clients to purchase CSGO Prime Accounts with Loyalty Badge at the least expensive rates. Our value go begins from just $13.99, and we have all Prime Accounts accessible.
Anyway, CSGO players can likewise redesign their Account to Prime Status at the game’s unique cost: $14.99, which can be bought straightforwardly from Steam Store.

How much does a CSGO Prime account cost?

If you want to play counter strike global offensive and you’re new to the game, or you want to level up to another alternative account, you can buy a Prime account for as low as $7.99. Alternatively, you can play the game and wait until you reach Private Rank 21.

Difference between Prime Accounts and Non Prime Accounts?

The primary difference between prime and non prime accounts is to become prime and improve the overall matchmaking experience. To obtain a Prime account, you need to attain a Private rank, not less than 21 Profile levels (Pr21). Alternatively, you can buy csgo prime accounts by visiting the Steam store and purchasing it directly from the store. At CSGOSMURFKART, provide you prime accounts csgo at the lowest possible price than any website in this industry.

Once you’ve obtained prime status, you will face fewer hackers in matchmaking, and your overall gaming experience will improve. You’ll also gain an additional vital characteristic of prime accounts: the trust factor system in csgo prime matchmaking.

Csgo prime accounts are more costly than non-prime accounts, but the primary difference is worth it because of the benefits you get. Prime accounts are also eligible for all Prime-exclusive souvenir items, skins drops, and weapon cases. They have access to all official Community servers.

Is it worth it to buy Prime Status in CSGO considering the game’s free to play now?

It depends on the player to player, and to increase your matchmaking quality, We recommend you to buy CSGO Prime once you’ve decided to commit to CSGO and fulfill your gaming needs. Hacking is a regular occurrence in the game, and it’s usually up to Valve’s anti-cheat system. VAC, to help prevent you from getting matched with cheaters. The Prime status helps the anti-cheat system to verify you and match you with other verified players. Hence the quality of the games will be much higher, which also means fewer cheaters and de-rankers. Along with the Prime Account, it also depends on the Trust Factor of that Account, which indicates a positive member of the CSGO and Steam community.
However, please note that the Prime status and VAC system is not accurate, so buy accordingly. You also have the option to grind to lieutenant level 21 or Private rank 21 and activate Prime Status.
This is an excellent csgo rank for a beginner of the game. Being a Silver rank puts you in the top 63.7% of all CS:GO players. That means, if you were in a room with 100 other players, you’d be able to beat 12 of them.

Where to buy cs go accounts

If you are a dedicated gamer and prepared to jump right into the intensely competitive game between the prime accounts csgo players, buying a Prime account for sale is your only option. If not, you’ll ruin your life playing CSGO with noobs and hopping from rank-1 to rank-2, and so on until you reach private ranks 21 and become eligible to play in Prime matchmaking.

We have every Ranked Accounts ( both prime and non prime accounts ) of Silver, Gold Nova, Master Guardian, Legendary Eagles, Supreme Master First Class, and the Global Elite in CSGO. These Prime Accounts are boosted by our experts and are safe and easy to use. We also have CSGO Prime Accounts with high hours and wins.

We believe in making sure that your CSGO playing experience is top-notch. Just to facilitate your experience, we’re equipped with live chat support for shift response. Apart from this, CSGOSmurfKart provides some of the best after-sales support in the industry. All these benefits considered CSGOSMURFKART is pretty affordable and reasonably priced.