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CSGO Veteran Coin Accounts

The term Veteran means a person who has had a long experience in a particular field. In terms of CSGO veteran coin accounts means how long you are having a relationship with the Counter-Strike community. To express your genuine dedication to the game and how long you have been playing the game, Counter-Strike Global Offensive released 5 year and 10-year csgo veteran coins to the game. The two medals are a 5-year coin and a 10-year coin. Csgo veteran coin account is hard to get. Don’t you want to flex your csgo veteran coin account? Buy your 5 year or 10-year coin csgo veteran coin accounts from CSGOSMURFCART.

Your CSGO Veteran Coin Accounts description includes

  • Vac status: Clean
  • CSGO rank: Random
  • Private rank: Random
  • Competitive bans/cooldown: None
  • Wins: 10+
  • Any third party or software used: None
  • Steam Guard: Off
  • Prime Status Upgrade: No
  • Temporary Email is set


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